Publication Ethics

"The journal of Econometric Modeling respects the rules of ethics in journals, is subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publishing (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the law on preventing and dealing with fraud in scientific works"


Duties and Responsibilities of The Editor in chief and Editorial board

The editor in chief is responsible for deciding whether or not to publish an article in this journal.

The editor in chief and editorial board of this journal are committed to keep the received articles confidential until their publication.

The editor in chief and editorial board of this journal are committed to maintaining the anonymity of the reviewers.

The editor in chief and editorial board of this journal are obliged to review the received articles in terms of their compliance with the approved policies and laws of the journal. If an article does not have this principle, it will be removed from the agenda of the journal.

The editor in chief and editorial board of this journal are committed to have an unbiased view of the received articles without personal opinions.

Articles will be included in the agenda regardless of ethnic, racial, religious, regional issues and only based on scientific content and compliance with the rules of the journal.

In the peer review process, reviewers and authors cannot see each other's names and details.

The editor in chief and editorial board of this journal are obliged to comply with all the rules of the journal and the higher laws of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology regarding publications.

Unpublished transcripts will not be used by the editorial board or other members for personal purposes.


Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

The reviewers must be obliged and committed to protect the rights of the authors and to keep their articles and information confidential.

After accepting the reviewing of the article, the reviewers are obliged to send the result of the reviewing to the journal at the appointed time.

Reviewers are required to review the article only based on scientific, technical and specialized content and not to contribute their personal and ideological interests in it.

The reviewers are obliged to inform the journal of the misconduct of the authors in the articles, conflicts, copying of the whole or part of the text from other articles without respecting the copyright rights.


Duties and Responsibilities of Authors

Articles should be sent only in Persian language, correct writing, and appropriate terms and in compliance with all the rules and conditions of the journal.

The articles submitted by the authors should not be previously published in a journal or conference or under review.

All authors must be aware of and consent to submit articles to this journal.

Inserting the details of authors, affiliation and their e-mails must be done correctly.

All the details of the authors of the article in the journal system must be correctly entered when submitting it to the journal.

Authors should give permission to editors and editor in chief of the journal to edit the article in order to make it readable.

After publishing the articles in the journal, the public will be allowed to receive and use the article.

After acceptance of article is impossible to change the names of the authors, their email and their respective organizations, change the number of authors and change the corresponding author.

The discovery of any plagiarism in the articles will lead to its non-acceptance (at any stage) and the consequences will be directed at the authors.

Transcripts must not have been published elsewhere (except as an abstract or part of a lecture, review article, or dissertation) or under review by another journal.

The ethical commitment form must be signed by the authors.

Authors are obliged to inform the journal immediately whenever they notice an error in their work.